Mass Spectrometers for
In situ Planetary Exploration

Presented at the
2nd Workshop on Harsh-Environment Mass Spectrometry
March 18-21, 2001, St. Petersburg, Florida, Center for Ocean Technology

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Author: Patricia M. Beauchamp
Leader, Center for In Situ Exploration and Sample Return, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/ California Institute of Technology
Table of Contents
  1. Title - Mass Spectrometers for In situ Planetary Exploration
  2. Examples of Mass Spectrometers Flown over the Years
  3. Planetary Extremes
  4. Planetary Extremes II
  5. Mars - Follow the water...
  6. Mars Investigation Strategies
  7. Mars Mission Timeline
  8. Europa Orbiter
  9. Hydrobot/Cryobot Under the Ice of Europa
  10. Cassini Delivers Huygens Probe to Titan
  11. Titan Exploration: Beyond Cassini/Huygens
  13. Cable System for Interactive Seafloor Observatory
  14. Networks and Sensors
  15. NEPTUNE Essential Elements
  16. Some Important Considerations for In situ Instruments
  17. Toward a Smaller Mass Spectrometer
  18. Miniature Focal-plane Magnetic-sector Mass Spectrometer
  19. Dustbuster: A TOF for In-situ Analysis of Cosmic Dust
  20. Itís not just the Mass Spectrometer, Itís the system!
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