SPME, A Method For Sampling With Analysis by GC/MS in the Field

Presented at the
2nd Workshop on Harsh-Environment Mass Spectrometry
March 18-21, 2001, St. Petersburg, Florida, Center for Ocean Technology

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Author: Gary Hook
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD
Table of Contents
  1. SPME, A Method For Sampling With Analysis by GC/MS in the Field
  2. SPME Field Sampler
  3. SPME Coatings
  4. SPME Sampling Methods
  5. TWA SPME Sampling Using Fick’s Law of Diffusion
  6. Usefulness of SPME for Field Sampling
  7. SPME for Field Sampling:
  8. Field Portable GC/MS
  9. SPME Sampling -MTBE in Water
  10. USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)
  11. Viking 572 Spectra Trak GC/MS Set Up Onboard USS Nimitz
  12. GC/MS Field Sampling for Marine Coating Analytes
  13. Screening by Headspace SPME for Identification of Solvents in Marine Coating
  14. Field SPME - GC/MS Chromatogram
  15. SPME Sampling - VX Nerve and HD Mustard CW Agents
  16. SPME Sampling - Soil Contaminated with Sulfur Mustard CW Agent
  17. SPME Sampling/Analysis CS Riot Control Agent - Combustion Dispersion
  18. CS Riot Control Agent -Combustion Dispersion
  19. Volatile Markers of Bacterial Growth
  20. Conclusions
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