HEMS Workshop Student Travel Award

Student Travel Award Application Deadline August 5, 2022

The workshop award is intended to encourage interest in the topics applicable to Harsh Environment Mass Spectrometry (HEMS) and reward the scientific merit and quality of student research in the area of Harsh Environment Mass Spectrometry.

Award Amount
For the 2022 HEMS Workshop the proposed award is $1500.00.

The requirements include any full-time graduate student pursuing a M.S., M.A., or Ph.D. degree within a discipline applicable to the HEMS conference. Students must be in good standing with their university.
The application for a travel award must include:


Application Deadline
Friday, 5 August 2022

Submit Applications by e-mail to
Torben Gentz
HEMS Student Awards Committee
E-mail:  student@hems-workshop.org