Presentations (all abstracts *.zip)
"Direct Sampling Mass Spectrometry in Atmospheric Chemistry" (abstract)
Dennis Barket, Purdue University
"Mass Spectrometers for In-Situ Planetary Exploration" (abstract)
Pat Beauchamp, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"In-situ Laser TOF MS on Planets and Small Bodies" (abstract)
Will Brinckerhoff, Applied Physics Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University
"Tiny Time-of-Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometer for Biodetection" (abstract)
Wayne Bryden, Applied Physics Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University
"A small multiple reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer (MR-TOF-MS) for in-situ investigations" (abstract)
A. Casares , Justus-Liebig University
"MS for Trace Explosives Detection in Aviation Security" (abstract)
R. T. Chamberlain, FAA/Wm. J. Hughes Tech. Ctr.
"Miniature TOF Mass Spectrometer using a Flexible Circuitboard Reflectron" (abstract)
Tim Cornish, Applied Physics Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University
"Volcanic Monitoring using Field-Portable Mass Spectrometers: Towards On-Site and Real Time Gas Analysis at Fumaroles" (abstract)
Jorge A. Diaz, Universidad de Costa Rica
"A Fully Redundant On-Line Mass Spectrometric System for the Space Shuttle Used to Monitor Cyogenic Fuel Leaks" (abstract)
T. P. Griffin, Dynacs Inc.
"Project NEREUS: Concepts and principles for in-situ MS" (abstract)
H. F. Hemond, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Solid phase microextraction as a method for sampling with analysis by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry in the field" (abstract)
LCDR Gary Hook, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
"Disaster Management Using Mobile Mass Spectrometers" (abstract)
Gerhard Matz, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
"Development of an Underwater Mass Spectrometer for Dissolved Gases, Solutes, and Large Organic Compounds" (abstract)
Gary M. McMurtry, SOEST, University of Hawaii
"Recent Developments in Micro Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry" (abstract)
Jeremy Moxom, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
"The Portable Horiba-Kore Mass Spectrometer MS-200" (abstract)
Frank Nuber, Kore Technology Ltd.
"A Miniaturized Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer" (abstract)
Garth E. Patterson, Purdue University
"Biological applications on a miniaturized delayed extraction TOF mass spectrometer" (abstract)
M. C. Prieto, The Johns Hopkins University
"Applications of in-water mass spectrometry for detection of volatile organic compounds and dissolved gases" (abstract)
R. T. Short, The University of South Florida
"Polymeric Membrane Chlorocarbon Permeabilities Determined by Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (MIMS)" (abstract)
Mark L. Stone, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
"Progress Toward Highly Miniaturized Vacuum Pumps" (abstract )
Dean Wiberg, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Posters (all abstracts *.zip)
"Project NEREUS: Construction of a practical autonomous underwater gas analyzer" (abstract)
R. Camilli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Remotely Operated Mass Spectrometers: Adaptive Search Platforms for Field Chemical Profiling" (abstract)
D. P. Fries, The University of South Florida
"Compact and Rugged Multipurpose TOF" (abstract)
M. Gonin, Ionwerks, Inc.
"Development of a Low Cost Miniature Mass Spectrometer" (abstract)
Henry W. Rohrs, Mass Sensors, Inc.